Fayne Griffiths On Ongoing Education for Administrators

Fayne Griffiths is the Director of Student and Departmental Account Services at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and a strong supporter of ongoing educational opportunities for administrators. A frequent participant in management development and leadership workshops through the Willamette Valley Higher Education Human Resources Consortium, Fayne Griffiths believes that the best way to provide up to date information to students and effectively run an office or department is to engage in educational opportunities within ones’ field.

In student financial services, regulations and student needs are constantly changing, according to Fayne Griffiths. With rising educational costs and astronomical increases in student loan debt, the needs of students in higher education are becoming more and more pronounced, and financial aid administrators are faced with more and more students who need advice and counseling on how to pay for their education. With a focus on providing professional and informed financial advice to students in terms of how to minimize the financial impact of paying for their education, Fayne Griffiths uses the most current data on student loan rates and ways to receive grants and other funding from the federal government and non-profit organizations to deliver tailored recommendations to the students that she works with.

Fayne Griffiths received her MBA in 1999.  She is able to talk about financial aid and the financial aspects of funding education with a clear theoretical grasp of money and economics, which is crucial to understanding the field.


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